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The desks we received were efficient at being mobile storage units. We have a very small classroom space with limited storage but the desks are very accommodating for the space.

Maikue - Art Education Coordinator

Enhance your creativity with furniture that is as versatile as the people and projects around it.


Why ART Desk?

ART Desk was invented out of the necessity to transform small spaces into creative environments for learners.

Whether you’re a preschooler or a professional diving into creativity for the first time, the exploration of your imagination can be an outlet or an expression of yourself. ART Desk believes everyone should have a space to exercise their ideas. The tools you choose to implement your imagination should work with your many outlets and inspire you to do your best work. Let the versatility of our desks solve problems such as a cramped work environment or the space needed for large format projects. Stop letting the furniture in your space control the way you create. Let ART Desk set your creative side free.

Educational Furniture

Compared to traditional desks and tables, ART Desk changes the way you interact with your learning environment.

As a mobile suite, ART Desk brings a modern method for learning into the classroom. The high-top work surface solution was designed to promote active learning. When you, as an instructor, have a diverse lesson plan, our mobile ART Desk can adapt and rearrange at the turn of a dime to bring freedom to your classroom.

With school funding for the arts becoming increasingly scarce, ART Desk is a new product that showcases how the arts are imperative to our educational system. We all learn and work differently, but a communal work space allows for team-based projects, even when space is limited. ART Desk allows instructors to group equal talent levels together or combine talent levels to help students achieve together.

Personal Workstation

At ART Desk, our goal is to empower the individual artist, recreational doer, and technical user to blossom by giving you a dedicated work area to create. ART Desk is not only a place to discover your inner creativity, but also the space to go to do what you love.

Let ART Desk set your creative side free!

Let ART Desk set your creative side free.

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ART Desks are mobile

We at ART Desk know that space and flexibility are the greatest commodities when it comes to a learning environment. All ART Desks come with industrial locking swivel casters, allowing for quick and easy rearrangement of desk configurations.


Volume pricing available

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ART Desks ship assembled

Each ART Desk is designed and engineered to last. There are no misleading directions or missing parts. The tops are removable to save on shipping costs and for a better storage footprint in your facility.

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